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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

She's the One

(david m. bailey)
February, 1998
david m. bailey
How do you know that she’s the one, he asked me on the phone
Cause I’ve thought so in the past, and here I am alone
I said, It’s not something that you know, it’s something you believe
A decision of the heart made with no reprieve

When you give more than you take, And you take less than you need
When her silence is your prayer, And her laughter is your creed
When the window to your heart is open wide and will not shut
When you love her every day, no matter when no matter what
When you hate to say goodnight even before the day’s begun
When all of this is true, she’s the one.

When she tells you that she loves you and you can’t believe it’s true
And you still move all the mountains to show her that you do.
When you’re not afraid to tell her that you’re scared of what you doubt
And it’s the only thing that you cannot live without
When the same God is between you, and behind you and above
When you both can see Him smile when you tell Him you’re in love

When you both can be the moon, while the other is a sun
When all of this is true, she’s the one.