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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

All I Want

(david m. bailey)
david m. bailey
No one understands me, no one seems to care
They won't let me change, no they won't let me dare
To try something new, to go through a different door
They nail me to the floor and say don't ask for more

No one looks for answers, their minds' already made
Like sunshine in the evening, thier opinions quickly fade
If you step outta line, patience can't be found
Soon you'll hear the sound of judgements coming down

And all i want is a bit of space
To chase the wind and find a trace
Of who i am and where i wanna go
If you won't set me free how will i ever know?
How will i ever know?

You talk to a stranger, they ask you what is wrong
They gaze into your eyes but it's your heart that holds the song
Let me go my way, i only want to learn
I have to take the risk of simply getting burned

So if you relaly love me please give me what i need
Sometimes love is letting go of something you can't see
I am on a ship that has never left the shore
I just need to explore, that's what the ocean's for

And all i want...