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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Harvest Moon

(david m. bailey)
Today I noticed autumn had arrived
a sunset of colors in the trees
harvest moon over my shoulder
just a hint of winter in the breeze

today I felt a season of faith
a thousand surprises in my soul
blanket of leaves beneath my footsteps
mystery of a dream that keeps me whole

I wonder if the stars that shine above me
know that there are changes down below
I thought I heard Orion softly whisper
don't worry bout the things you cannot know...

Today I fell in love with my lover
Today i found a friend who had found me
today I caught a glimpse of the glory
of the One who is greater than I will ever be

From the Rockies to the Himalayas
To the Andes and all points in between
There are places and moments and magical wonders
Most of which I have never seen

But if you told me that life had lost her laughter
If you told me that Time was out of tune
I would smile and take you by the hand
and quietly, silently, we would watch this harvest moon.