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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Miracle Change

(david m. bailey)
Changes come and changes go, but really we’re the same
And if we don’t see eye to eye, no one is to blame
Some where there’s a rainbow that never sings the blues
When I find it I will send it straight to you

Somewhere there’s a song that tells the truth about our hearts
Maybe for today this one will do
They tell me never wake up sister sorrow when she sleeps
I promise that’s one thing I’ll never do

Tonight, I’ll sit outside and watch the sunset
As it slowly melts the corners of my soul
Put a candle in the window, say a prayer for those I don’t know
And ask the God of Peace to make us whole

To those who still do not believe in miracles
Look around you, then in silence look within
When you notice your heart begin to change
You’ll have seen the greatest miracle begin