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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics


(david m. bailey)
got toa gig in iowa really early and wrote this backstage after sound check waiting for curtain time...
Backstage, I’m all alone,
Call my wife on the telephone
She-asks-me-if-I’m ready and
I tell her I have no plan

And I’m a long way from my kitchen table
I’d be there now if I were able
It’s funny how life takes a turn
I still have to much to learn

Backstage, where the lights are low
With the folding chairs and extension cords
Backstage, with my guitar
Never thought I’d come this far

And it’s a long way to the front of the curtain
Longer than it looks, that’s for certain
So much I think I wanna share
But I’m never sure until I get there

Backstage, I can’t decide
What I’m gonna sing tonight
Backstage, I take the time
To ask the Lord for peace of mind

Cuz it’s a long way to the front of the curtain
The room is full of people hurting
So much I think I wanna say
But I’m never sure it’ll sound OK

On stage, where the lights are up
Don’t know who is filling whose cup
I give a little with these songs I sing
I get so much from the joy you bring

And it’s a long way to the heart of the matter
The book is thick, the cover’s tattered
Every truth feels like a dare
And it’s never clear until you get there

On stage I tell my jokes
Concentrate, try not to choke
On stage, I’m still amazed
By the people there of every age

And it’s a long hour that we spend
First as strangers then as friends
And if the Spirit spoke to you
You know what you gotta do.

Off stage I shake some hands
Before I hit the road again
Somewhere beyond the next sunrise
Is another stage with a new surprise

Life’s a stage and we all play
Different parts on different days
Stage left, stage right, back stage, spotlight
Just be true to who you are
And you’ll get far.
With your hammer, with your pen, or even with an old guitar.