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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

When I'm Gone

(david m. bailey)
well we only have a handful of moments
in this strange home we call the planet earth
I've had more than my share of the bad ones
but they taught me what the good ones are worth

you know i never meant to cause anyone heartache
least of all to those i've loved so very long
but my humanity sneaks up in the shadows
some days i wake up on the left side of the wrong

But when i'm gone, please tell my children
that not a single day ever passed me by
i didn't work to make this world a sweeter place to be
I couldn't always win, but i think I always tried

misunderstood, yes and sometimes neglected
each of us finds someone else to blame
could it be we're all just looking for the meaning?
a mystery we try too hard to name

some believe in God, some get lost in nature
some cannot believe in what they cannot see
I never had the time to be troubled by distinctions
if you believe at all, that is good enough for me

So when I'm gone, please tell my children
that their daddy believed Love's the only way
that I had hope in my heart, and peace in my soul
and passion for our lives until my dying day
and to never stop believing, come what may
and I wish for you the same, every single day...