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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

One Day in Gettysburg

(david m. bailey)
One Gray Day in Gettsysburg, out walking in the grass
I heard the ghost of Lincoln at every grave I passed
He said "Young man, I know you're thinking life goes by too fast"
I said "yes sir, you're right, I am."

I took a turn on Washington, and walked on down the lane
Stopped into a diner to get out of the rain
Took a table by the window to watch the cars to by
License plates form every state all made thier battle cry

I heard a general whistling Dixie, I thought 'this must be a dream"
But all is what it is, and not what it may seem

Woke up to the sound of gunfire in the air
I thought ' 'Ive had enough, time to get on outta here. "

Well the gunfire wasn't real, just a kid of seventeen
shooting at the tanks and trucks on his computer screen

Meanwhile at the bar, there was talk of sports and flicks
No one watched the war above on channel 66

This country's come a long way, I'll be damned if that ain't true
Stars still shine so bright beside the red and white and blue
But our flags are at half-mast, last night we heard the news
Our kids are killing kids in the hallways of their schools.

The children who survived, they made the whole world cry
Politicians stood up asking how, asking why
They said 'we've got to teach our children how to love and get a-long
That's something we can do when we are finished dropping bombs.

Killing cross the ocean, killing here at home
If we are all together, why do I feel alone?
We made our bed, gotta sleep in it
Dug our grave, it's a perfect fit
Perhaps we're not as far as we like to think we are...

One gray day in Gettysburg walking with the ghost of Lincoln
Could not start to imagine what it was that he was thinking
But finally I whispered, " sir, your heart, it must be broke
He said "yes Young man, you're right, it is.

Then I heard another voice, who said 'Peace has a different face.
It's not when the war is over, it's when you start to see my grace, so sweet the sound.....