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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

After the Encore

(david m. bailey)
One more song isn’t going to make a difference
Just a few more minutes of your time
Just a few more chords, just a few more words
A melody, and another rhyme

You see this stage is like a second home
A nest where I can rest my wings
I loved this time with you – I hope that you did too
But it’s not the only reason that I sing

I sing because it’s easier than talking
I sing because the Lord gave me a voice
I sing to put bread upon my table
I sing because I really have no choice

It’s as comfortable and normal as breathing
Like breathing, it keeps my heart alive
Songs are like seeds waiting in silence
For the singer and the listener to arrive

So you see, I’m in no hurry to leave
Though I realize we all need to go
It’s part of the mystery of living
What you feel gets in the way of what you think you know

I don’t mean to take advantage of your patience
I just was not in the mood to say goodbye
So this final song is partly to thank you
And partly because, well, you know why

Until we meet again, may the good Lord bless you
And keep you in the palm of His hand
May every song you hear dancing in the breeze
Bring more peace than you can understand

As for me, I’ll be on my way To another stage on another night
Somewhere, another song is waiting
If you hear it first, well, that’s all right
Yeah, that’s all right.