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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Campfire Symphony

(david m. bailey)
There's a strange kind of silence in the forest
Stranger still, the music of the fire
And the syncopated rhythm of the river
keeps a beat that never seems to tire
The song doesn't seem to have a purpose
Perhaps it's just that I don't understand
It's like a different language and I am just a tourist
Who has come here from a very far-off land
If I sat here and listened for a lifetime
Maybe I could learn a word or two
But you can't change your spots, can't be who you're not
At least for tonight I know that's true
I'll admit that long ago I played the cynic
Nothing worse than being cynical and young
I cringe when I recall things that I have thought
words that I have said
songs that I have sung
But there is truth behind the word redemption
And there's power in the mystery of grace
Even with your doubt, you could start to work it out
If you could see what I see in this place.
'Cause no Matter the source of your convictions
No matter where you're from or who you are
There's a peace that passeth understanding
When the fire sings its song to the star
I'm just a fool playing the wiseman
And you don't have to be that wise to see the star.