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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Soldiers and Sorrows

(david m. bailey)
Late on a Friday, alone on the highway
I passed the born-to-lose bar
Figured I might as well stop for a what the hell beer
That they served in a jar
A strange kind of sadness, some lonely madness
Hit me as I left my car
And I'm not really sure why, but somehow I knew
One beer wouldn't go very far

Bartender told me he lived in L,A. after World War Two
Spoke of a lady who once was his lover before she lost faith and she flew
And the Vietnam veterans sit in the corner, Singing their Vietnam tunes
Yeah this bar’s a haven for soldiers and sorrows, God knows we’ve got quite a few

But everybody needs some time alone
with the soldiers and sorrows that they call their own
And everybody need some time to spend
with the soldiers and sorrows they call their friends

An old man beside me told me that I reminded him of a man he once knew
A soldier whose name was Robert Mcguiness but was always known as Bobby Blues
Well he said Bobby died with a bullet in his side after faithfully answering the call
He did not ask to die as a hero he didn’t ask to die at all

But everybody needs some time alone…

well the young are too young to remember the nightmare
Too young to really understand
That war is a time for the brave and the foolish
A time to carry your soul in your hand
But even the young know that some wounds heal real slow and
Sometimes the good guys finish last
That the future’s always too far away from the present
Not far enough away from the past

But everybody needs some time alone…

Many’s the time that I’ve remembered that night and a thousand such moments since then
Moments I’ve stumbled on friends who turned out to be strangers I just hadn’t met
And in all of the wars that I’ve fought in my life timethat one Friday night in the rain
Taught me no matter what battle you’re facing, friend ship is worth any pain

And everybody needs some time alone…