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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics


(david m. bailey)
Spent a night in Paris in the Latin Quarter with a lady
Who said she was from Holland, we drank red wine
At the foot of the cathedral, by the seine river
It was a beautiful night
Next time I saw her it was on the streets of Venice
In the middle of the winter so there weren't too many others
Drinking coffee at San Marcos on the bay
It was a beautiful day
She never said goodbye, but she was gone and I did
Not see her again until I wandered through a park in Vienna
And an old man played his heart out on a flute
It was a magic afternoon
And now it seems that I’ve become a slave to the mystery
Of who she is and where she goes and the way she makes me feel
And I don't know how much longer I can keep it up
But I can't give it up For wherever she goes, my heart follows
The last time I saw here was a year ago July
We spent the morning with the pigeons at Trafalgar square
And then went to a basement bar and drank dark beer
For what seemed like a year
Then the time came for me to leave so we took a double Decker bus
To the airport, and there I told her that
I really did not want to go away She just smiled and said that's ok
And now all that I think about are the words she whispered to me
As I held her tightly in my arms one last time
She said baby don't you worry cause when you need me most
Or when you feel alone, you just close your eyes
And I’ll be with you