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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics


(david m. bailey)
Sun was bright but not yet warm in this sleepy seaside town
Took a walk down by the dock, found a bench and sat me down
Coffee in my left hand, ball point in my right
Words began to flow in the early morning light

Sky was blue, grass was green, a salty breeze blew between,
I was happy as a man can want to be
Sitting with the birds waiting for the sun
To chase the chill and set the new day free

God knows I could have sat there for forever
Wild horses could not pull me away
You know it takes at least 24 hours
To really watch the passing of the day

But then I saw a little girl looking out a window
I swear she kinda looked like my own
Just then I remembered that life does not stand still
My true happiness was waiting back at home

No matter where you are you’re missing something
The grass is green on both sides of the fence
Learning to love the moment you are in
Is the only way time makes any sense

Now if this day is like a dance, I’m going to have to take the chance
To get up off the bench and move along

I’ll take with me the memory of this almost perfect morning
And one souvenir – this almost perfect song