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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Basement Memories (with Bill Deasy)

(david m. bailey)
wrote this in the basement of my Uncle Dale's house. just told lit like it was... :-)
All your mem'ries in the basement
Gathering dust by the year
Shelves of books and pictures
Closets furll of souveniers

And it scares you when you see you're getting older
You don't ever want to take a back seat
But as you look around you
Everything reminds you of the life you used to lead
And so your basement memories are bittersweet

There's you pretty wedding photographs
Right next to your college degree
The little boat that johnny made
When he was in the third grade
Johnny grew up, joined the navy and went to sea

And it scares you....

There in the corner is a baseball glove
The boys used to play in the back yard
There's the first doll debby owned
Leaning on the wall alone
Puts a lonely feeling in your heart

And it scares you...

Your grandkids send you cards on your bithday
And your children try to visit every other year
But every time they go away
Something in you wants to say
There's a little bit of life lost in each tear

And it scares you...