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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics


(david m. bailey)
When your eyes are truly opened for the first time
And you see things that you never saw before
Everyday becomes a new adventure
You're not walking in the darkness anymore

When the lightning touches the horizon
and the thunder shakes your body to the core
Is there really any doubt that God is talking?
Can't pretend that He's not there anymore

And you're free to chase your feedom
You don't even need a reason
This God who loves you isn't keeping score
It takes a little trust to shake off all the dust
And see you're not alone anymore

That's not to say that life will now be easy
You still gotta knock on every door
But every time you do, you get a different view;
You don't need to fear the unknown anymore

Someday, you'll cross this holy river
And when you finally reach the other shore
Have a cup of coffee with the angels
You won't be in a hurry anymore
(c)2001 david m. bailey